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Take away Tasty Samosas (frozen or fried)

Have you tried our Tasty Samosas by The Samosa Brothers?

Pre-order from monday 09:00 to thursday 15:00 via 3Stones WhatsApp 06 1314 5934. Please text your order, pick up day & time.
Pick up your Tasty Samosas on friday, saturday or sunday between 16:30 - 20:00.

Spicy Beef
Ground beef seasoned with our own tasty spice mix
€ 2.75 per samosa

Chili Chicken
Chicken with mixed herbs and red hot chili peppers
€ 2.75 per samosa

Verry Veggie
A combination of potatoes and various vegetables
€ 2.75 per samosa

Tasty trio
Can’t choose? Try them all!
3 samosas for € 8,25

For more information about our Tasty Samosas see www.tastysamosas.nl


3Stones Dinner Gift Card

Send friends family or colleagues on a culinary safari to Kenya by sending them a 3Stones Kenyan Restaurant Gift Card.
A unique gift to say...

Happy Birthday !
Happy Holidays !
Congratulations !
Job well done!
My treat !
Just because !
Enjoy your trip to Kenya !
Thank you !

Available as card or digitally.
Mail us at mail@3stones.info or send us a whatapp text message to 06 1314 5934 to order.



Afro Beer Gift Bags

The Beer Box includes 6 Exotic Beers,  and 1 coconut cup and holder. All of this for just € 35.00!

Pre-order from Monday 09:00 until Thursday 15:00,
and pick up your Beer Bag on Friday, Saturday or Sunday between 16:30 - 20:00.

Tusker Beer 500ml also available (limited supply)




3Stones Spices

.... add a bit of 3Stones Spice to your dishes.

When at 3Stones be sure to ask for our 3Stones Spices. A perfect gift for yourself, or for someone who loves to cook. We have 3 blends available. To ensure freshness, our spices are mixed to order.

Swahili Sauce Spice Mix
Great with coconut chicken & spinach dishes, plant-based meat, tofu, beans, sprouts & seitan.

Zanzibar Curry Spice Mix
Delicious with lamb or chicken dishes, pumpkin, jackfruit,eggplant, cauliflower & swiss chard.

Kenyan Stew Spice Mix
Amazing with beef, hearty greens, chickpeas, mushrooms, root vegetables & potatoes.

Also available 3Stones Chai home blended, with ginger, cardamom, cinnamon, nutmeg, cloves & black pepper.


Maasai Market at 3Stones

While at 3Stones please check out our Mini Maasai Market.
We have various African food and non food gifts available.