3Stones Kenyan Restaurant


 3Stones is on safari will re-open on the 11th of September. Be sure to check out our various promotions including 2 for 1 dinner deal on our website. See our promotion  page for the various deals and  conditions.



please note that there may be a slight difference in the prices on our take away  menu and groups menu. If you have any questions please don not hesitate to contact us.


*Don’t forget to check out our Amazing promotions below 

 To avoid disappointment see full details and conditions on our promotion page.

Our promotions are only valid if you reserve via our website, mail@3stones.info or calling 070 360 8761. Reserve at least a day in advance with the appropriate promotional code. Please contact us for more information.


see our promotion page for full conditions


* 3Stones 2 for 1 Dinner Deal

* Wild Wednesday starter and dessert for €10

* Exotic & Tropical Thursday pay 50% on mocktails & cocktails

* €10 Take Away on Thursdays

* Friday its All You Can Eat Chapati

* BIG5 Saturday = Drinks on the House!

* Safari Sunday Surprise main course for €9.95

* Eat for FREE on your Birthday!

* BYOB Bring your Own Bottle (Wine)

* 3Stones Friday Lunch!

And more!!

To avoid disappointment see full details and conditions on our promotion page

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Opening hours


18:00 - 22:00 (kitchen open until 21:30)
18:00 - 21:30 (kitchen open until 21:00)

Lunch! Open for groups


12.00 - 14.30



3Stones, open since 2006