Your Kenyan dining experience is further enhances by the 3Stones concept of eating together.
The meal is served on a sinia, a large round stainless steel tray covered with a traditional Kenyan cloth. On the tray several hand made bowls are filled with a variety of Kenyan foods and placed in the center of the table. Guests are encourage to taste each others dishes as eating together is the true Swahili way of dining. Should you wish you can be adventurous and eat the Kenyan way, using your right hand.

3Stones is a place where our guests are immersed in the ambiance of Kenya by the restaurant’s decor and soft furnishing. The restaurant is decorated in a subtle African style. You are surrounded by various artifacts, hand carved wooden objects, artwork, musical instrument, wall hangings beaded gourds and Maasai hunting spear.

When it comes to music you will be entertainment by some of the leading performers from the continent. It is an opportunity to discover and sample the wonderfully exciting rhythmic musical world of Africa. So just sit back, relax, and let us entertain you with our lively selection of African contemporary music.