Kenya is world famous with adventure, wild animals, splendid white beaches and colourful cultures. In Kenya over 60 languages are spoken and there are about 40 ethnic tribes, each with its own unique, customs traditional dress and eating habits. With this diversity Kenya boasts numerous unique and delicious recipes full of surprising tastes and flavours. Owners Gigi and Priscillah invite you to take a culinary safari, a tour of this beautiful country through their Kenyan Restaurant 3Stones.

At the 3Stone Restaurant guests can enjoy delicious Kenyan food in a unique way and in a warm vibrant African atmosphere. With the restaurants concept of eating together, food is served on a large tray with various Kenyan foods for everyone to enjoy. With its subtle African d├ęcor and lively African music, 3Stones is the perfect backdrop for enjoying your Kenyan meal.

Even the proprietors (hostess Priscillah and chef Gigi) dress the part in their own African-inspired clothes. Hand made napkins and tablemats made from Maasai cloth, kanga and kitenge (traditional African materials) adds to the vibrancy of the space.

When the weather is good, our terrace is open!